WA Sand Supply and Haulage has always had the optimum solutions for project needs. Where tonnage rates are not the optimum solution, we offer a range of equipment hire solutions.

Or sometimes you may have everything that you need for the job except the tools to work it. Perhaps you do not own what you need, or you may have experienced crippling breakdowns.

This is where WA Sand Supply and Haulage help comes in with fleet and equipment hire. With our experience, and plant logistics, we can complete the job efficiently, proficiently, skilfully, and safely with competitive rates for all.

Our Prime movers are Verizon Connect GPS fitted with PTO sensors which enables us to provide our clients detailed reports including loading and tipping.

WA Sand Supply and Haulage can provide a wide range of vehicles for hire, including prime movers, truck and dogs, semi-trailers, and side tippers. Our vehicles and equipment are all late models and regularly maintained to ensure that breakdowns cost our customers no equipment related delays. These are the same vehicles that we rely on every day to get our most important jobs done correctly and on time.

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today”
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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